My love of old linen

I just spent four glorious days on the coast of Northern NSW's... It is just a picturesque place. We walked on the beach each morning and celebrated my husband's 40 th Birthday while we were there... It was a nice break but I wish is could have been longer.....One of my favourite antique shops is in a tiny little town called Bangalow... They have beautiful old gauze front cupboards, large old washing baskets, timber trugs and much more... It is more of a place of inspiration for me as there stock is a little expensive for my purse strings... This time I was lucky enough to pick up some gorgeous old European towels from the 1920's - 1940's. They were found in Europe in an old trunk that hadn't been opened since the war... They are so beautiful, I don't know whether I will be able to part with them... Some had hand embroidered initials on them and they had never been washed. I also, on our way home, found a gorgeous, soft pale blue, very old iron bed... so will post photos of that at a later date... This means my paint brush will be out again soon and I will paint my bedroom...