Happy Easter to you all

Happy Easter to you all.. It is early Good Friday morning here in my tiny little town in Australia. It is sunny and fairly warm I must say for this time of the year... It hasn't been a good start as my hubby has been sick all night and now my little Andrew has woken up with a heavy head cold..... We are having a quiet Easter at home here just relaxing and doing a few things in the yard and I will do a little work as well as I am a little behind this week... There will be the traditional Easter hunt early Sunday morning and hopefully we will get a chance to have a picnic sometime over our 4 day break... I seem to be finding it hard to keep on top of the house work lately so will try to think of ways of organising myself better so I don't get so stressed about my messy house while creating... Working at home is wonderful and I wouldn't have it any other way but I must say when the house is messy it is hard to concentrate.. More news tomorrow about new things being added to my web site...