Always changing

Oh my it is me again changing things around in my house... Went to an antiques and collectibles swap meet yesterday... I must say there wasn't a lot there that I liked mostly loads of expensive china that isn't really my thing but look what I did find... This is a rusty absolutely gorgeous end to a tiny little iron bed... It had its main frame missing so I decided it needed to come inside to be a feature on my wall... It is now on the end of my sewing room wall where my collage board was before... I know you are all probably thinking I am a little odd (so does my hubby sometimes) but I love texture and tactile things that is why I love old linen so much and I love having a change all the time... I was so busy last week with work that I was getting stressed out so I moved a table in my kitchen to a different direction and cleaned a little and I felt so much better.. So rearranging is my stress relief and I think maybe I have passed this same trait onto my daughter as yesterday she changed all her dressing table... That makes me smile big time....