My lounge room

Well it a very chilly night here in my little studio... I actually took the day off today and had a wonderful day with my kids and some of their friends... It was so lovely... They make me smile so much... This is a photo of the living area in our house, we call it our lounge room... The blue table is made from an old door from my Nan's house that has since been demolished... I am showing you photos as this week I bought a new chaise lounge that we will pick up this weekend... The club chair is now in Kirstie's room as her reading chair and she loves it... I love my large apple picking ladder, my nan's old dresser that hides our TV and my favourite old blue depression cupboard made from old boxes... I have a beautiful collection of white ironstone bowls that started with a gorgeous old one that was my Nan's.... Will show you some more photos of this room after I get the lounge in and things moved around...