Seventeen Years in the making

I had some one ask me on my last blog, how long has this look taken to get... It was a really great question as it helped me think of a new blog to write about.... I would tell anyone that asked me that question that I will never finish this house because it is a constant work in progress... It is sort of like an oil painting to me that changes with every mood that I have and every passion that I feel in my heart... I love this house... I will never forget the first time we walked into it and the smell of all the old timber and you could tell the wood fire had kept this tiny little cottage warm and was the focus of many beautiful meals shared in its tiny little space.... The top photo was what it looked like when we bought it 17 years ago this month... The second is a photo of the lounge room and then of course my studio/sewing room at the bottom... We had to replace most of the external wall with new timber as it hadn't been painted in over 50 years which was a huge expense that took as a long time to afford.... Back then we just had very basic furniture and then I moved onto a very true country style and as I have grown in myself and in my craft and seen what the world has to offer.. I have refined my style to what it is now... A sort of rustic/french simple style... So Andrea I hope this helps answer your question, just a little....