I wish I could turn my mind OFF

Dearest friends
Well the last couple of weeks my mind feels like it is on fast forward... The thoughts of renovating again and the thought of my dream of having a big open plan kitchen and lounge room fills my head... Now I am starting to get Christmas orders from wonderful shops and I think wow this year is just flying on by... My hubby has been away for the last week so we really haven't had a chance to sit and ponder over whether we will go ahead with this dream or be content with what we have... Had a wonderful weekend of mowing, weeding, shopping with the kids and then Kirstie had 3 friends over Saturday night which ended in a very fun popcorn fight, I really didn't want them to go home I laughed so much.... I think every day with my kids I realise how fast it is all going and I must say I think with every day I enjoy them a little bit more... Being a mum is the most blessed thing I will ever do......