Dreams really do come true!!!!

Well I am really sorry to my blog friends for being a little side tracked lately but yesterday one of my dreams of a life time come true..About 2 months ago I had an email from the deputy editor of a gorgeous Australian publication called Country Style magazine....ask me weather I would like to have my little cottage be featured in an upcoming edition...I absolutely adore this magazine and I can admit I actually danced and screamed around my house I was so excited...I just couldn't believe it, my tiny little cottage in Country Style magazine!!!! Well yesterday was the photo shoot and it was such an amazing and joyful day for me.... except for the fact I had to have my photo taken!!!! Jared and Shannon were just so lovely, it was such a wonderful relaxed day and Claire who is writing the article was like an instant friend!!!! Anyway I am so behind with work that I think I will be working very hard all weekend to get on top of some of my orders but it was definitely all worth it......Not sure what edition yet but it will be early in 2009.....I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!