Monday, 28 January 2008


Well it is a public holiday for Australia Day here in Australia and Kirstie and I are having our last day together before the boys come back from their fishing trip... This sweet young girl makes my heart sing with joy every day... We have been to the movies, watched re-runs of Gilmore Girls snuggled up in our PJ's till early in the morning and spent time with her friends...and talked and talked about life and love...She inspires me every day with her love of life and the commitment to do her best.... She is my daughter and my dear, dear friend....
A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer. ~Author Unknown

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Slowly getting organised

Hi dear friends
Well I am still working on my studio but it is pretty much done now... It still feels like it is missing some things like some sort of wire display to hang charms on and I would also love some old wire baskets (which you really don't see here in Aus)... I would still like to paint my hallway before I go back to work but will see what time I have left....I have work orders coming in already but won't start those till the 4th.... The kids go back to school next week - YUCK!!!! It is so nice having them here, watching movies together, going shopping etc I will miss them heaps... Anyway I have a tiny wee house so the Chalk USA colour that I am painting most things is really helping it feel less cluttered.....Anyway I hope these photos inspire you just a little...

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Rearranging, Painting, Organising ETC!!!!!!!

Last minute jobs before heading to bed.... I am taking the kids to the coast for 5 days tomorrow and I just wanted to drop by with a few little photos of what I have been up too.... I have a new (but old) kitchen table made from an old door out of my grandmothers house before it was demolished.... Will show some other photos when my kitchen is a little tidier ... I have also painted 2 more walls in my laundry Chalk USA and I LOVE IT!!!!! Next a sweet little chest of drawers I have painted white as well which is the start to a major organising job in my studio.... I need to be so much more organised this year so I am trying my hardest to make everything look pretty as well as practical... Anyway I am without a computer now for the next 5 days... Hope everyone has a wonderful week as I know I will.....