Monday, 26 May 2008

Shades of white

Well you know me and white and every shade of off-white, cream and ivory - I love them ... These gorgeous paper cones I move from room to room. My dearest friend Christe Crocker made them for me for Christmas several years ago and I just can't put them away as they are just so beautiful and I think the photos of the old buttons speak for themselves.....

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Hallway in progress

Well this is my tiny hallway I painted it a few weeks ago now... Three of the walls used to be a mustard colour and now they are Chalk USA.... I would really love to paint the other wall but as you know by many other posts my dear hubby is sentimental about the fact that they are 121 year old and have never been painted so he doesn't want to break that tradition so I "try" to work around it.... I am thinking about finding some old ornate architrave to put around the edge of Andrews door way (the timber door in the hallway is to Andrew's bedroom another project ahead of me later this year)... and I want to get a small type chandelier light fitting but all good things come to those who wait.... Work is very, very busy at the moment, which always makes me smile, I have to pinch myself some days when I get yet another wonderful order...

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sadie Olive - making beautiful charms together

I have always admired Sara's beautiful photos so I asked her if she would like to work on some charms together... These charms are exclusive to her shop Sadie Olive... Please go and have a look...

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Just mucking around!!!!!

Well I was just playing around with my camera and just thought I would share... I love looking at images on other peoples blogs, that is what draws me to them, so I hope you feel the same about mine... Fresh flowers in a home look so special I think and my old white bowls are a central part of my decorating style....PS Behind the door on the dresser is where my TV hides.....

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Mother's Day

Well I don't mean this post to be sad but inspirational. I haven't had my dear, sweet Mum for 5 Mother's Days now but I know every day that she has shaped the person I am and I can already see traits in my daughter that she could have only had because of my Mum. She made every small moment in our lives special... from hand feeding calves with milk in a bucket when I was tiny, to making the most amazing clothes for me as I grew up to baking with with my kids at the crack of dawn on the old fuel stove at our farm... My kids couldn't believe that their Nanna who was 70 plus could still skip pepper...She loved to garden, it was one of her life loves so this photo I think is very appropriate.... She would have turned 80 this month..... To you Mum especially for the love of small detail and simplicity of life and for instilling in my heart that love ........You will always be my bright star.....................

Monday, 5 May 2008

I love old iron beds

Two of my favourite things, this soft colour of blue and something that looks aged and well loved.... This is my tiny bedroom... I like this section but the rest I really don't like yet so I wont show you photos till I do... It was a long weekend here so I actually painted my tiny little hallway. It has a slopping roof that is timber and one wall that is timber and the 3 other walls I have painted chalk USA... This section of the house is so hard to photograph as it is so dark but when I work out how to decorate it I will show you some photos... The wooden walls drive me mad but my hubby doesn't want me to paint them so I am trying to keep the peace.... I think I am going to cover one section with a huge mirror but not sure yet... I was going to put the book shelves in but when we started, it didn't look right... So many decisions to be made!!!!!!!!!