Thursday, 30 October 2008

Why do you have a ladder in your lounge room????

I am constantly asked by people why do you have a ladder in your lounge room????? and basically I say WHY NOT!!!!! I so love this old apple picking ladder, it is huge and so full of character. I also have a larger old mirror on my sideboard now made from a gorgeous old frame.... Anyway I had the electrician here for most of the day yesterday putting up new light fittings and we are finished except for a bit of a problem in the kitchen, which is annoying but he is a wonderful electrician that actually cares about his clients which is so lovely!!!! Loads and Loads of work to do, I am so very behind....

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Road Trip

Well Kirstie (photos we took on her mobile phone) and I took a road trip yesterday to Brisbane (the big city LOL!!!) to pick up some light fittings for the house... We had a lovely time with the music blasting and singing and chatting and getting lost and of course having a nice hot chocolate and cake at a little cafe. While poor Andrew and Geoff finished the pailings on the front fence. I have spent a few more hours today painting my front doors and just doing some house work.... Definitely not enough hours in the day at the moment.... Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!!!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Old Bowls!!!!

Well look at this gorgeous old ironstone bowl, isn't it amazing. I love all the discolouring and perfect little cracks in the surface that comes from age... I bought this pear a few weeks ago at Lily-G and doesn't it just suit it perfectly. Quote for this week.....
All that we see or seem
is but a dream within a dream
Edgar Allen Poe

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The front of my little cottage

Well I have waited 16 years for a picket fence and it is finally happening. It looks so nice and then I want to get some little iron gates of some description we have been looking for old ones that would suit for so long but as yet no luck... I have photos of these very special roses in my front garden that were cuttings from my Nannas garden so extremely special to me....and in the second last photo there is a playful little bee finding some sweet nectar....I have also started to paint the 3 lots of double doors across the front of the house as they were dark reddish brown, very yucky...Not sure what I will put on the verandah as far as furniture yet.... Any ideas are more then welcome and I am still on the look out for some nice light fittings as well. Heaps and heaps of work on at the moment and I am sorry that I haven't been posting as much.... Take care and have a great rest of your week,,,, Will have some photos of my new lounge room mirror and bedroom in the next few days....

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Pretty Roses!!!!

Wow aren't these roses gorgeous!!!!! Picked them up from my favourite rose farm on Saturday to brighten up my house a little... I have them in an old glass jar, placed inside a lovely big white bowl sitting on a very old green chair against a white door....It is really hard to take a photo as there is too much sunlight coming through the door but it looks very nice.... I have changed my tiny little wee cottage around a lot over the last few weekends and so want to take some photos to share but nothing is turning out how I want it to.... My little off-white picket fence is started and it look so cute....I love it...!!!! I promise to get some more photos of my house up soon.... Lots and lots of orders keeping me a very busy girl....

Saturday, 4 October 2008

A lovely quote

Well it is late Saturday night here and I have spent the day doing some jobs around the house...I am painting my 3 sets of french doors across the front of the house chalk USA and they look so much nicer. This is by far my most favourite colour....Will put some photos up when I am finished... Here is a wonderful quote that we should all live by...... Kirstie found it and we are going to draw it on her big inspiration chalk board....
"For beautiful eyes look for the good in others; for beautiful lips speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone" Audrey Hepburn.......