A shoppe of our own - the journey continues

Well yesterday was a big day for me (and for my friend Angela) as we said yes to opening our little shop....Our friends Sally and her husband Steve are one of the sweetest couples I know and have so much drive, determination and love in there hearts, really the decision to some degree was about that....I know I have had loads of email about the pitfalls of business and how you make no money and you could loose friendships etc.... but my business has never really been about how much money I make it has always been about trying to put a smile on someones face and make the prettiest little package imaginable... So for me this shop, I hope, will in some way change the way people look at there homes and think of it from the heart instead of by the pocket.... Yes you do need money in life but more importantly, you need family, home and love.... My dear sweet Mum from a very young age taught my siblings and I that it was very important to smile and to make others smile.....so that is the legacy I am so trying to keep going!!!! My dear hubby Geoff and my gorgeous kids will be a wonderful part of this journey with me and with Angela by my side, I know I can't go wrong!!!!!