Monday, 30 March 2009


Well I just needed to tell you about this...This is a gorgeous photo by Mari Erikssen you can see it on her blog An angel at my table. She is a truly amazing photographer and one day she found my blog and really liked it and as she was doing some work for Country Style magazine at the time she told them about me and the rest as they say is history and considering she lives on the other side of the world this story is simple amazing...This is a charm I made for her from one of her gorgeous photographs....Her blog is so, so lovely!!!!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

A Big WEEK!!!

Well everyone what an interesting week it has been!!! This is my new frig...A birthday present from my gorgeous family!!! I also had a little reshuffle in the kitchen this morning!!!! It is so dark in this room it is always hard to get a good image but you get the idea!!!! I had a gorgeous Monday morning celebrating my birthday with my friend and soon to be partner Angela....Then I had Andrew home with the flu for 3 days and I got a touch of it myself and lost my voice and then I forgot to pay for my domain name registration and my emails stopped for 4 days...So if anyone has been having trouble that is why!!! SILLY ME!!!!! So as you can tell I am a little behind after this strange week but I will get please bare with me....

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Nearly a special day!!!

Well tomorrow is my 43rd birthday!!! It is funny looking at these photos and thinking back at all the simple memories of growing up on a gorgeous little dairy farm just 20 minutes from the beach. It was truly idyllic. Having my mum and dad by my side every day and making every moment so special for me... I always get a little sad on my birthday (missing my mum and dad) but in my heart they are with me I know!!! and having my own gorgeous family here to celebrate is all I really need....Also want to say Happy Birthday for the same day to my friend Aina in Sweden.....xxxx

Friday, 13 March 2009

A shoppe of our own - the journey continues

Well yesterday was a big day for me (and for my friend Angela) as we said yes to opening our little shop....Our friends Sally and her husband Steve are one of the sweetest couples I know and have so much drive, determination and love in there hearts, really the decision to some degree was about that....I know I have had loads of email about the pitfalls of business and how you make no money and you could loose friendships etc.... but my business has never really been about how much money I make it has always been about trying to put a smile on someones face and make the prettiest little package imaginable... So for me this shop, I hope, will in some way change the way people look at there homes and think of it from the heart instead of by the pocket.... Yes you do need money in life but more importantly, you need family, home and love.... My dear sweet Mum from a very young age taught my siblings and I that it was very important to smile and to make others that is the legacy I am so trying to keep going!!!! My dear hubby Geoff and my gorgeous kids will be a wonderful part of this journey with me and with Angela by my side, I know I can't go wrong!!!!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Kirstie's room the day of the photo shoot

I must say I love Kirstie's room because it so portrays the talented, sweet and loving girl she is...She has a real sense of style and really knows what she likes and like me she loves changing it around all the time...She has old and new, light and dark in her room.....Busy, busy, busy here and in the next post I will have some major news to tell you all....!!!!!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

A little more of the dark timber

Well this is an old cupboard at the end of my kitchen.. We found it in very bad disrepair for $10 at a school fete and Geoff turned it into a cupboard that stores wine with my favourite ironstone basins on the shelves above... Near the apron hanging on the wall is the door to our tiny wee bathroom, it is all timber as well.... I have painted a piece of ply wood with black chalk board paint and written one of my Mum's favourite recipes.... The pine chair came from my Nanna's house!!!

Monday, 2 March 2009

thank you - I am so lucky!!!!

Well I am sitting on the phone waiting for a telstra customer service person to activate a new mobile phone as I accidentally put my through the wash last week - OOPS!!!!....So as I have been waiting for 40 minutes (lol) thought I could use my other hand to drop by and say Hi!!! and thank you for the amazing response to the article....I actually feel very humbled and still need to pinch myself that it is real... This photo above is another image taken by Jared Fowler on that wonderful day showing the area my hubby loves so much of the raw hoop pine that is 120 years old and never been touched and also one of the light fittings I just love.... Drop by and tell me what you think....