200th Post (SMILE)

Well my friends I was just doing a post for my shoppe blog and noticed I was sitting on 199 posts for my home blog....I couldn't believe it!!!!!!! I thought I would share with you the saying I have above my work bench at the shop...It really does say it all for me....and I do realise I was one of the lucky ones.... I had a bit of a cynical customer in the shop the other day asking me lots and lots of WHY questions and basically in the end I said to him....I am a dreamer and I still believe in the world and that it is a beautiful place and really we are all blessed to wake each morning to whatever the new day has in store for us and I think if you treat people well life will give you what you need and that smiles are so, so easy to put on your face they don't cost you anything...Like today for instance, it is a beautiful sunny winters day... The sun was warm and energising as I put 3 loads of washing on the line...I got to take my beautiful kids to school and get kisses as they got out of the car...I came home and emailed my business partner and dearest friend.....and then played with photos for my blog....Simple but joyous !!!!!!!! Well my one in a million mother instilled that in me and I thank her for that each day and I am hopeful that I have instilled a little of that in my children... Thank you all for being out there and making me smile.... May happiness, joy and simplicity to detail fill your hearts today and always .......