feels like home...five years blogging

March is always a big month....I get older and so does my hubby :) My business has been running for 12 years this month and I just noticed that my blog is celebrating me raving on (hehe) for 5 years today.... I feel extremely blessed to have met so many amazing and truly inspirational people through the world of blogging...It has definitely changed my life on so many levels...so to all my beautiful friends, thank you!!!  Thank you for opening up you hearts and homes to inspire and for dropping by and saying hi...... so to celebrate my 5 years in blog land I am going to have a few giveaways....Something from the lovely
 designer Jeanne Oliver..... a book by Rikke Larsen (it is in danish but the images are exquisite)..... or maybe even 2....and maybe even something new from me :)..... Ok this year I have been keeping a happiness journal.... each day I write something that brings a smile to my face.... and if I am not having a great day I write an inspiration quote instead so.....you need to tell me what bought you happiness today....what little simple joy made you smile..... for me today it was my 6ft 2 boy coming in the back door from school with the biggest smile on his face bending down and kissing my forehead..... so now I am off to bake him chocolate cake :)

and the winners are :) Anci a little piece of jewellery is coming your way... Rebecca and Stripes by the seaside one of the beautiful books from Rikke Larsen and lastly Vicki you have won something from my friend and amazing designer in the US Jeanne Oliver...