Sunday, 21 October 2012

Just something about her .....

As the weeks get closer and closer to my hazel eyed girls wedding...Every time I see her in her room or having breakfast at the kitchen table, or having a D and M with her brother, I seem to take a snap shot of this memory... It has been 19 years of  mothering bliss.... and even though my heart is so full for her and the incredible journey she is just about to start...I am constantly on the edge of tears prickling the back of my eyes and most of the time rolling down my cheeks because it has gone too fast.... I feel like there is so much more she needs to know...It is all silly really because as my kids would tell you I am not a very traditional mum I made sure from when they were very young that they knew their path was their own and they needed to make their own decisions, with much love and guidance from as the excitement builds, I will cherish each and every moment with her.. Her light definitely shines and that blue eyed boy is one lucky guy...

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Anci said...

Wonderful photos of her !
I see what you mean, I have a son that is 18 years old.

Your post is full of love.