Wednesday, 27 June 2012


When my beautiful hazel eyed girl was due home on Sunday I went to our local flower seller and bought her some yellow jonquils and some white ones for myself...They smell absolutely divine and they are just so pretty.... They also remind me of my kindred friend Sharyn..... I feel like I am on a little bit of a roller coaster ride at the moment as a mummy, so much happiness and joy but also my heartstrings playing an unfamiliar tune...  Sharyn is my constant, she is simply beautiful and I am so very blessed to have her in my life..... Rain is tapping on my tiny tin roof of my little cottage, time to put some more wood on the fire and make some cookies I think.....
Some pursue happiness.....Others create it...

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Images that inspire.....YUM!!!!!

Sunday afternoon in my little cottage, a tiny bit chilly but my dear hubby finally got some wood yesterday, so it is pretty cozy ....I have been without my camera for the last couple of weeks as my beautiful hazel eyed girl has had it on her trip so here are some amazingly photographed food shots that I found on pinterest and have saved on my pinterest board called YUM !!!!!  I love simple food and I do love to bake, the smell in the kitchen, the flour all over my clothes and the beautiful memories of my childhood with my mum, all make for a very happy heart I think :)  I hope everybody is having a  truly marvelous weekend.....

Thursday, 21 June 2012

a lot of pretty inspiration...

What a gorgeous weekend we had in Victoria, visiting with our dearest friends and of course catching up with my beautiful hazel eyed girl and her blue eyed boy... This area of Australia is beyond beautiful and really has such a sense of community....  I think I walked into one of sweetest little shops ever....Metisse in Olinda...It is only a tiny shop but I think I could have stayed in there for hours...They had layered the shop so well that every time you walked around you found something different...As you can imagine my budget is a little tight at the moment so I was very good and didn't buy anything but I fell in love with this book....Amazing photography and each page just made me sigh...I was really naughty and ordered it this morning as a little treat to myself...Can't wait for it to arrive :)...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

2012 is going to be an extra special year....

(images from pinterest)
I thought today, I would do a very honest post about the last few months.... We have had such a lovely year as a family.... Last December my beautiful hazel eyed girl (Kirstie) started dating her blue eyed boy (David)... He spent about 8 days with us at Christmas/New Year (they had only been dating 2 weeks so at least we didn't scare him off) and we all just fell in love with him I must say....Fun loving and always wearing a smile, caring about people in need and loving my daughter with such an open heart... She joined his church and started helping out with youth group (she is now also a youth leader like her blue eyed boy)....They love to bush walk and go on picnics and since about month 1, the blue eyed boy has said she is definitely the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.....About 6 weeks ago my mobile phone rang and it was the blue eyed boy and he asked if he could have a coffee with my hubby and I and I could hear the smile in his voice and he said I think you know what it is about mummy....I knew then that this was going to be another one of those life changing moments... My heart was racing so fast and my stomach was doing flip, flops.... I text one of my closest friends in the world to try and steady myself...She was gorgeous and excited like I was......The blue eyed boy was so nervous that day but he shared with us so many beautiful words about our daughter and how he felt about her...He asked for our blessing and we said yes....He told us what day he planned on proposing and so the next 5 weeks were the hardest of my life....My beautiful daughter and I share everything and to be totally honest it was hard to even look at her for a couple of days knowing that I was keeping the biggest secret of her life.... It is a week today since they got engaged, they are holidaying in Victoria staying with some of our closest friends in the world...We flew down on the weekend and I was able to hug them both... She is a truly amazing girl, I know I am totally biased but she loves with a beautiful open heart... They are so affectionate and loving with each other it is so lovely to be part of their journey together....They are looking at a Summer wedding - WOW !!!! my baby girl is getting married.... and the story continues...... 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Just the beginning of something beautiful

Last december when I arrived to pick you up from work  I watched you dance with a vacuum cleaner after meeting your blue eyed boy for the first time, something had changed instantly... A movie date, a white ute (sort of like a white horse), helicopter flight, bush walks, picnics in numerous parks, youth leaders at church, chatting for hours on end ....  then yesterday a balloon flight, a song he wrote and played  for you and your picnic basket in a beautiful spot in the yarra valley and that sweet blue eyed boy proposed.... and you screamed yes, yes, yes ....
As the mum of that gorgeous hazel eyed girl my heart is so full of happiness and love.... I remember my mum once telling me... all a mum ever wants is for there children to be happy and it is so true.... I am such a blessed mum to have two such gorgeous people in my life....this is definitely just the beginning of something beautiful ......
Happy Engagement Kirstie and Dave xo

Sunday, 10 June 2012

She is always the sunshine on an overcast day .....

images via pinterest....
This is something I wrote for Kirstie at easter this year...  She is on a road trip with her lovely young man (he is beyond adorable by the way) just about to arrive on the door step of our dearest friends after driving nearly 2000 kilometres in the last 2 days...  She is always my sunshine on an overcast day and I think she has found a young man that feels exactly the same .......
When cleaning out a drawer in the kitchen
I came across a little set of tiny spoons and
a little knife that my nanna used for morning
or afternoon tea…It had a little knife and a larger
spoon and then 6 tiny spoons….My gorgeous Nan
was married for 52 years before my pop passed away…
She was so sweet and gentle and raised 6 boys and
1 beautiful girl in a tiny 3 bedroom house….
The one beautiful girl of course was my mum and
she then raised 5 children (2 boys, 3 girls) in another
3 bedroom house across the paddock….and she was
blessed with 49 amazing years with her ever loving
husband…. The youngest of her 5 children a shy, insecure,
young girl (but stubborn and wilful as well) who fell madly
in love at 18 to a tough but gentle, rough but sweet, tall,
dark and reasonably handsome young man…. They had to
fight hard because external forces wanted to tear them
apart but they were determined…. Yet another tiny 3
bedroom house and 2 amazing children later…..After
nearly 28 years this month, she whispered in his ear
just the other night….You are the only boy I have kissed
for 28 years and laughed……… and the story continues ….
Now a beautiful dark haired, big hazel eyed girl has fallen
 madly in love with her sweet, blue eyed boy… They like
to take adventures in their little white mazda with a picnic
basket on board….she is sentimental like her mamma,
nanna and great nanna…
so when I found that cutlery I thought of her
and the blue eyed boy…
it needed to be tucked in the picnic basket
with love from 3 generations of woman
 LOVE is what life is all about….and have a guess what!!!
 I think the blue eyed boy has a little 3 bedroom house J

Thursday, 7 June 2012

19 years in the making .....

These two beautiful girls knew each other when they were still in their mummy's tummies...They were born 10 weeks apart and have been like sisters... They are so very different in so many ways but one thing is for sure even if they don't always agree on life they will always love each other... The colour photos I took of the girls this morning as they went out to have a lovely day together....  They always make me smile....Kimberly is like a second daughter to me and she is moving out of her family home this weekend to start a new chapter of her life...Seems like only yesterday they were playing dress up or fighting over a toy or pulling each others hair... They went to kindy, pre-school, primary school and high school together....They are family.... What a marvelous future they both have ahead of them.....
 “I’m so thankful for friendship.  It beautifies life so much.”
 Anne Shirley